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History Brief: The New Deal

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The New Deal

Essays from available here. This outline reflects the most recent revisions to the course. Other factors were also at play—including the onset of a major world war. Still, as Dr. Lichtenstein notes, several programs created through the New Deal did have a lasting positive impact on the U.

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The Glass-Steagall Act of established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , which effectively insured the savings of Americans in the event of a bank failure, which was all too common at the time. Problems of the Depression that the New Deal tried to solve. Collapse of financial system.

Wide Variety of Programs with Multiple Goals. FDR knew recovery would take time, however, and so his first priority was putting people to work.

Conclusion: The Legacy of the New Deal | Boundless US History

CCC put people to work at productive tasks such as building park. WPA put people to work and performed needed construction tasks. FDR then adopted policies that would prevent suffering in future depressions wording from Social Security Act. Details of the social security system.