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I wrote the original version of this guide in early , spending about 20 hours reading and researching the category. Since then, I have written guides to paper towels and facial tissues , learning a great deal about the paper manufacturing industry, recycling, and how paper products work and break apart. For this update, I put another 20 hours into researching a much wider array of brands and varieties. I also tested samples myself, along with soliciting people—half Wirecutter staffers, half outside testers—to try our top contenders.

For this updated guide, we sought a toilet paper that was significantly better than the competition, but also sold at widely accessible stores, sold online, and available in quantities that could provide a discount to those with the room to stock it. So we considered major store brands and major manufacturers, and made a sweep of grocery, big-box retail, and drug stores to check on availability. We started narrowing down candidates with an online survey that drew more than responses. The survey asked what attributes people valued, and they told us: softness, price, wet strength, cleaning power, and being lint-free, in that order.

We also asked what kind of toilet paper they buy, how much of it, what they think it should cost, and where they buy toilet paper or "bath tissue," in Victorian-minded industry-speak most of the time. We objectively measured our half-dozen finalists by weighing sheets before and after dunking them in water to determine an absorption ratio. While measuring this, we also noted how well the tissue held together while wet, and if it fell apart when pulled from the water for weighing. We subjectively considered how well they tore off both a standing toilet paper holder and one set into a wall, using both the left and right hands.

Most helpful, though, was getting actual humans to use eight different varieties of toilet paper and give their feedback on how the papers performed in a real bathroom. So we offered up a query on Twitter and five folks responded. We also roped in four Wirecutter staffers and one volunteer at a coworking space, to do the same.

The testers six female, four male provided anonymous feedback with detailed ratings to bolster our own observations, research, and survey findings. A note on preventing clogs: Both Toilet Paper Encyclopedia author Kenn Fischburg and a representative with Restoration plumbing told us that some people—especially children and teenagers—use too much toilet paper, especially when using a multi-ply premium brand like our top pick and runner-up. And if younger people in your house use too much toilet paper, consider buying them the thinner, cheaper budget pick, rather than the premium brand you earned.

Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care was the overall best-rated toilet paper by our panel of 10 testers, and we understand why. That panel found that Ultra Comfort Care had the best combination of cleaning power, softness, and strength, and it left the least amount of lint. It was among the best at absorption, yet its squares still dissolved well in plumbing. It has a good balance of attributes that will work for most people and most bathroom visits, and it can be bought in bulk and stocked, if desired. Its thickness holds it together as it moves, but the varied texture does the picking up.

Those indented ripples also seem to hold the two plies of paper together more tightly than other brands. Ultra Comfort Care excels at cleaning well while feeling comfortable. Softness is relative, from person to person, and from visit to visit to the toilet, but Ultra Comfort Care tied for second in softness among the wide variety of brands we sent our testers.

The rippled texture can seem like a marketing gimmick, but it works. The toilet paper that ranked above Ultra Comfort Care in our panel tests, Scott Extra Soft, had notably less cleaning power. Kirkland Signature Costco , which tied for second with Ultra Comfort Care, also ranked lower in cleaning power, and placed significantly below Cottonelle in linting.

Ultra Comfort Care is strong when wet, rated second out of 10 by our testers. In our second water dunk test, the Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care exhibited wet strength, staying together well. Consumer Reports subscription required gave Ultra Comfort Care an "excellent" rating in strength, as measured by a mechanical puncturing device. In everyday use, Ultra Comfort Care leaves little lint behind; it tied for least lint with our runner-up, Charmin Ultra Strong. We noticed in our tearing tests that the perforated edges of Ultra Comfort Care squares are slightly shaggy, and if a square tears off unevenly, the fraying can release some lint.

In use, though, Ultra Comfort Care is fairly clean. Here are the best toilet papers in ! Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper is a great choice for those that have children or toddlers. It is extremely soft and it is one of the few toilet papers that come with 3 layers. Surprisingly it is also quite affordable, making it a favorite product for many people. F lushable and unscented, this paper offers everything you could ever need in a toilet paper.

The Scott is one of the most popular toilet paper products. Because it contains 1, sheets per roll, it lasts for an exceedingly long time. It is sewer-safe and septic-safe. It breaks up four times faster than the average bathroom tissue, so it is safe for RVs and boats. It was designed to be used by those with sensitive skin, offering both aloe and vitamin E.

Soft, yet thick, it gets the job done with general ease. The Quilted Northern toilet paper offers exactly what one would expect from such a product. These come with a 2-ply texturized sheet that offers excellent absorption and a soft sensation. It is an unscented product, meaning it is void of most chemicals. You can really expect the same if try using this product. It will not disappoint. The material of this brand of toilet tissue is very soft yet very durable because of its thickness.

Regular and low-quality toilet tissues tend to easily break.

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You will not experience this problem on this product. This toilet tissue is composed of highly absorbent material. This feature is brought about by its rippled design. The design itself appears pleasant because of its clean rippled surface. Compared with regular toilet tissue, Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet tissue provides you with thrice the strength and thickness. You will definitely prefer this one over thin toilet tissue because of the convenience and comfort it provides. You will have an easier time cleaning yourself with this thick material.

This toilet tissue is designed for use on RVs. However, you can also use it on your regular toilets at home. It is very convenient for your use because it is standard in size. So it can fit on your standard toilet roll holders at home. Camping or hiking with your family or friends is definitely a fun-filled experience. You may need to go to the wild and experience some inconveniences.

But ensure that you could still enjoy a good level of sanitation.

The 12 Best RV Toilet Papers: Reviews & Buying Guide - Crow Survival

You can do this by making sure to bring suitable toilet tissue for use. This may seem to not be very important, but it actually is.

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Using a high-quality RV toilet tissue will save you from a lot of hassle and will provide everyone with comfort and convenience. So you can all just enjoy your trip with your loved ones. There are many types of RV toilet tissue to choose from. This problem occurs in RV owners that use regular toilet tissue.

These traditional tissue papers do not dissolve in water and tend to accumulate when flushed on the toilet. They tend to block the pipes. Trust me, repairing this is messy work. This is a very important feature that you could easily check by feeling the material of the paper. It is worth investing in toilet tissue that does not do any harm or damage to the environment. You can choose toilet tissues that are made of recycled materials. Eco-friendly toilet tissues are also safe for the septic tank of your RV.

You can check if a specific brand of toilet tissue is environment-friendly with its eco-friendly and biodegradable marking. Usually, these types of toilet tissue also dissolve quickly. You need to ensure that the tissue you buy is one that you could use in an outside environment. It should break down quickly and should not cause pollution to the environment. You can check this by testing whether the toilet tissue dissolves quickly in water. You should also check if it is soft and smooth enough so as not to bring you discomfort.

Certain chemicals tend to damage the surface of RV septic tanks.

These chemicals include dyes, bleach, chlorine, and perfume. Selecting this type of toilet tissue will also ensure your safety. You should buy one that is pure white in color because these types do not contain dyes. RV toilet tissues are toilet tissues designed for use specifically on your recreational vehicle. The unique thing about this product is that the papers they are made of are a special type. These papers are easily dissolved in water. This will ensure that when the toilet tissue is flushed, it will quickly dissolve and break down.

In searching for a good RV toilet tissue, you will need to find two types of information explicitly indicated on the packaging. These markings are very important. So be sure to find them. First, RV toilet tissues may be embedded with the marking that guarantees their safety for use on an RV. So if these two types of information are present, you can be confident that they are safe for use on RVs.

RV toilet tissues can be widely found in the market. You can find them in a lot of stores that supply RV accessories and equipment and those that supply camping needs. But keep in mind that you need to be realistic when it comes to the pricing of this product. Of course, it is more pricy compared with regular toilet tissues. Nevertheless, you should still buy this product if you own an RV. The mechanism of how RV toilet tissues work relies on the material with which the paper has been constructed.

The toilet tissue is designed to dissolve and breakdown quicker than the regular tissue you use at home. The material is also designed to be soft and not cause discomfort. This type of paper does not cause blockage of the pipes that lead to the septic tank. The components of the septic tank will also not back up to your toilet.

This is a huge problem that some RV owners deal with if they use regular tissue.

Look for Paper That is Strong and Durable

If you still need to test a specific brand if it will perform well, you can do a test to determine if the tissue paper dissolves quickly. You just have to prepare a glass half-filled with water. You can then put some toilet tissue on the water. You can seal the glass using your hands, or you can use cling wrap. Next, shake it vigorously and allow the tissue to settle. After a few minutes, you can check if the toilet tissue has started to break down or disintegrate. If it does, then you can be sure that you could use the product safely on your RV.

This means that the paper does not dissolve quickly enough and may lead to clogging. RV toilet tissues are available in a wide variety of forms and types. So you may find it confusing to look for which ones are the best in the market. You should consider a lot of factors when choosing. Aside from its ability to dissolve quickly, other factors to be considered include its softness, cost, color, size, and design. RV toilet tissues are usually classified into two. Be sure that you buy one of those types that are suited for your preference. Commonly, RV toilet tissues are manufactured with materials from trees.

But some are also made of the materials from hemp plants. In RV toilet tissues made from hemp plants, their materials are made from the fibers and pulps. Only some specific types of trees are usually used to manufacture this type of RV toilet tissue.

3 Tips for Choosing Toilet Paper

Most are produced from softwood and hardwood trees. The materials from these trees are used to construct the first paper. These two types of trees are also usually used in combination. So manufacturers usually try to balance out the durability of the material and a good surface for writing. Unfortunately, although these types of RV toilet tissues seem to be eco-friendly because they are manufactured from trees, they usually contain additives.

Some of these additives include, bleach and chemicals. This may not be good for users that have sensitive skin or those who opt for environment-friendly tissue papers. This type of toilet tissue for RVs is manufactured with the use of recycled paper. Often times, you will find that this type is more affordable than that manufactured from trees. In general, these types of toilet tissue undergo a similar procedure for manufacturing. First, paper pulps are produced from recycled paper. Oftentimes, you will notice that the recycled toilet tissues have colored or white markings. Oftentimes, the recycled papers used to manufacture RV toilet tissues would require some forms of treatment.

10 Best Toilet Papers 2018

This may include the use of bleach and other chemicals. RV toilet tissues can also be classified according to their texture and design. Some RV toilet tissues also have fragrance, and some are moistened. RV toilet tissues also differ in technical specifications, such as roughness, water absorptive capacity, and presence of chemical residues. A lot of manufacturers rely on the use of lotion, aloe, and wax coatings to reduce the roughness of the paper. RV toilet tissues are also different in the number of layers for each sheet.

One-ply RV tissues mean that the toilet tissue has only one layer. These types of toilet tissues are usually the most affordable. Some RV toilet tissues also come in 2-ply forms. These are actually made of one to four layers that are adhered together. Of course, this type is more pricy than one-ply types.

RV toilet tissues also come with different designs. The specific style or design is actually not just affects the appearance of the paper but its functionality as well. It determines how the user will wind the roll to get some sheets. The style also determines the size of the rolls. RV toilet tissue usually comes in standard or jumbo in size. RV toilet tissue also generally comes in two colors—natural or white. White toilet tissues are usually made of pump materials that are bleached.

RV toilet tissues that are natural in color appear brown or light brown. Some RV toilet tissues are also fancy to look at because of their printed design. If you would prefer an RV toilet tissue that will give you that luxurious feel, there are some types that you could choose from. Usually, these types are perfumed, quilted, and colored. Sometimes, the papers even contain antibacterial medications.

In terms of quality, RV toilet tissues can also be classified to premium, low grade, and middle grade. RV toilet tissues of low grade usually come only in one-ply and are not very soft.