Nursing reflective essay on teamwork

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To be emotionally intelligent one must be able to perceive emotions, reason with emotions, understand emotions.

Reflective Writing on Team Work Essay

Reflective Portfolio — Who Am I? These four learning approaches that people normally incline toward and they prescribe that with a specific end goal to amplify one 's very own adapting every learner should comprehend their learning. Reflective Practice Theoretical Essay Introduction Rolfe state that reflection is a mental process which include thinking, feeling, imagining and learning about what was happening in the past and which could be considered as a personal experience.

Reflection is a continuous debate on what might have happened differently and if this could affect differently the present and the future regarding the outcome if is positive or negative. Experience underpin the process of reflection. Our educational experiences, culture, and social backgrounds are also factors of our self-awareness Bulman, C.

As you can see reflection and reflective practise leads to reflective insight and as a nurse this is an essential part of developing our professional practise.

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This especially essential when transitioning from student nurse to graduate nurse. Reflection is essential in the transition from nursing student. In this reflective statement I am going to discuss about presentation I did together as a group and individually. The main aim of this reflection statement is to describe how I and my team mates worked while we took the responsibility to work on this project. The main reason for writing this reflective statement is to carry my experience of working in a team and how I managed challenges.

The reflective statement is a personal record of my learning experiences.

This journal is going to include my. Team work can be defined as when actions of individuals are brought together for the purpose of a common goal.

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Each person in a team puts his efforts to achieve the objectives of large group. Harvard University. Uploaded By bensonngacha.

Why collaboration between clinical and financial teams is so important

Effort is required to help different individuals work together as a team. Teams are bound to experiencing difficulties working together at times Cohen et al. However, this is a typical aspect of organizational or group life. For a team to work together well with minimal problems, positive team relations, and good team performance should be developed and maintained. Before looking at the above features of successful teamwork, there is the need for one to reflect on his or her experiences of teamwork.

A team of four, team member 1, member 2, member 3, and member 4 was formed, and the members placed in different places of service delivery.

Reflective essay on teamwork

Goals and chief concerns must be understood by everyone involved, but especially the nurse and patient to achieve optimal outcomes. The patient must be on board with the plan of care in order to make it effective. The nurse must find out what end result the patient is working for, if at all. If everyone is working together and collaborating, miscommunication and errors are minimized. With most patients, a nurse also has to have a healthy relationship with their families.

This is especially true when the family will take on the responsibility of being the main caregivers after discharge. Nurses can work and collaborate as a team with physicians directly or indirectly. There may also be certain cases that involve multiple specialties that need to be kept within the loop. Yet they have to be up to speed once the patient is home.

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Or in some instances, the patient may also regress into a worse state. Teamwork and collaboration is a quality that a nurse must possess to be able to provide complete care to patients and their families. They must know how to use resources and communicate needs to many different people. Nursing is definitely about patient care in the aspect of their physiologic needs, but it also encompasses a sense of customer service in the way of coordinating arrangements for future needs outside of the hospital or clinic.

Teamwork and Collaboration in Nursing.